Bringing Coffee. Content. Repeat. to life.

After months of toiling away and feeling like it’d never come together, I’ve got some exciting news to share. We’re not all done yet, but this is a huge step forward, and we really hope you’re going to celebrate with us!

Now, first up…

Our new website is live!

In fact, you’re on it right now!

I thought this would be a small two-week project. I was wrong. Two months of crafting and creating, fiddling and tweaking, swearing under our breaths and lots of pondering over “Why isn’t this working!?” later, and the website’s finally live.

Have a look around when you’ve got a moment. We’ve got all our resources in one place, a quick book-in calendar and a bit about what we plan to achieve here at CCR.

We’ll be tweaking and adding to it as we continue, don’t you worry.

And when you’ve finished checking that out, here’s the next little snippet of yay…

The Coffee. Content. Repeat. Community. has launched!

Our little slice of Facebook is here to connect small business owners and entrepreneurs and help them along in their messaging and copy-creation journey.

This free group is for you if you’re looking for some tips, tricks and copywriting advice, and occasional feedback on your writing. We’re also there to inspire and motivate you to work (and write) towards your dream business and celebrate your wins with you. And, of course, if a lovely friendship or two pops up along the way, that’s only a good thing, right?

By the way, did I mention it’s free? 😊


Oh, you want more, do you?

Well, I suppose I can give you more great news…


Our FREE 5-day copywriting course is now available on-demand.

That’s right. Five days of guidance to help you write some amazing copy that gives your customers a sense of connection with your brand.

And the best news? It’s completely cost-free and catch-free, and you can take it whenever you like! Just sign up, and we’ll drop by your inbox daily with new lessons and homework. (Homework’s good for the soul, trust us.)


And that’s it for now. I know, it may not look like a lot but, believe me, it’s a lot. And we can’t wait to hear what you think. Drop us a line or comment in the group and let us know!

Speak soon, Writerinos.

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