The best copy is your copy.

Coffee. Content. Repeat. is all the things copy writing and content design, content strategy and, of course, coffee and life. Because you can't have good copy without good coffee. (Or at least, I can't)

A universal small business problem.

When I started freelancing, I realised the issues so many small business owners faced – they’re in charge of everything but are only specialists in some things. And the problems most seem to struggle with are telling potential customers exactly who they are, what they do, what they sell, and why those customers should buy.


Some entrepreneurs hire copywriters to do this for them. Others try to do it themselves. But here’s the thing – if you don’t know what good copy is, you’re taking a gamble.

Good writing isn’t just pretty words.

I mean, pretty words help. They’re easier to read, easier to digest and look great. But if you haven’t defined your brand, clarified who your customers are, crafted your voice, worked through your messaging, and nailed your value propositions, customers just won’t convert.

Introducing Coffee. Content. Repeat.

Our courses (coming soon) are designed specifically for small business owners and aspiring writers looking to learn all about what makes great content, from brand development to messaging, writing to editing.

We support our inner circle of business owners with content reviews, feedback and fortnightly calls, helping them define their brands and create amazing copy for their websites, emails, social media feeds, and more.

Our network of small business owners from all kinds of industries and all business stages are here to support each other, share their wins and celebrate their successes.


Hi, I’m Jen.

I’m a professional copywriter, content designer and content strategist with nearly 20 years' experience. I’ve written everything you can imagine for huge brands like Adobe, PayPal, Grab, Afterpay, Curtin University, The Perth Mint, and many, many more.


My clients keep coming back because I deliver results. I’m not just talking good writing, but the right messages to the right people at the right time. I deliver above-target return on investment, time and again.


But my real joy? Helping small business owners and junior copywriters do what I do. Helping them clarify brand, define messages and write standout content.

Some of the amazing brands I've worked with...


So join us.

Join Coffee. Content. Repeat. as we journey through all the many secrets of creating great copy, no matter what you sell, how you sell or who you sell it to. Let’s make you a copywriting superstar too.